The Video Game Trophy Room: Episode 92: Friday the 13th

NES: Friday the 13th

Some people say Friday the 13th is cursed, it's an evil day where spirits walk the earth. I say this game is fucking cursed, and that evil spirits prevent it from being any fun. But hey, in the spirit of the day, here it is. The shitty ending to the shitty game of the same name.

Took me around an hour to beat. Decided to skip all the bullshit and just hunt this bastard down. After I took him down the first time, he just would not show up. Oh the irony, most of the time that Jason alarm drives you insane, this time, I was hoping it was going to play. Just got the torch, skipped the pitchfork as I didn't need it and just killed him.

But is he really dead?
I'm not telling!!

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Blogger Shifrit said...

I like when you tear a game down in your reviews. LOL.

October 23, 2011 at 3:54 PM  

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