The Video Game Trophy Room: Episode 93: Streets of Rage 2

Sega Genesis: Streets of Rage 2

Beat this one just for you Andy and Mandie. Classic beat 'em up style. Took me a few tries, my brother and I played through it a few times, but I ended up finishing it alone. Quite hard, but once i found the hidden one ups I had more then enough lives. Hopefully next I will tackle the original.

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The Video Game Trophy Room: Episode 92: Friday the 13th

NES: Friday the 13th

Some people say Friday the 13th is cursed, it's an evil day where spirits walk the earth. I say this game is fucking cursed, and that evil spirits prevent it from being any fun. But hey, in the spirit of the day, here it is. The shitty ending to the shitty game of the same name.

Took me around an hour to beat. Decided to skip all the bullshit and just hunt this bastard down. After I took him down the first time, he just would not show up. Oh the irony, most of the time that Jason alarm drives you insane, this time, I was hoping it was going to play. Just got the torch, skipped the pitchfork as I didn't need it and just killed him.

But is he really dead?
I'm not telling!!

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The Video Game Trophy Room: Episode 91: Final Fantasy

NES: Final Fantasy

The game that started it all! Didn't take me much time to beat this, but I did get lost quite a few times. The level griding is really a pain, but in the end it was worth it. I ran with two fighters, a white mage and a black mage. Normally I'd have a red mage but I found the two fighters to be a lot better in the long run.

Though I enjoy going back and playing older games, I found this one to be a bit of a chore. Being the first it has a lot of annoying quirks (aka magic related ones) that really make it annoying at certain parts of the game. The fact that each level of spells can only be cast a certain number of times for each level add to the challenge to be sure, but at low levels it is just frustrating.

Another thing that was really annoying is having to fight enemies when I haven't gotten items that make me immune to their abilities. There were a few times where an enemy would just waste my party with bullshit spells or attacks that would just kill them outright. It's really a lot of luck in boss battles and dungeons.

Either way, not a bad start to an interesting series, but I won't be playing through this one again any time soon.

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The Video Game Trophy Room: Episode 90: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

PC: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

And so my time in Dragon Age officially comes to an end. Here is The Gray Warden striking the final blow on The Mother, or second to last I guess, minus the one to the face. Epic game. Was cool to be able to bring over my Grey Warden from Origins and man did he kick ass.

Playing this game really makes me excited for Dragon Age 2, hopefully it comes out soon!

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